Rock The Square

Whats Up Cheers?!
Lets Party!!



Dj Brownies
Dj Eetz
Mc dXwr
Shikaka surabaya
Vj NfourR
Radiation of lazerkiller
Dress Code Rockin’

So, whats up Cheers?!
Lets Rock!!

Ticket Reservation
Cheers! Café Never Ending Party
Right Corner Dynasty Hotel
Jl. dr. Angka 71 Purwokerto

62 811 26 22 44 Yudha
62 8122 667 8887 Rio


~ by cheerscafe on May 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Rock The Square”

  1. hai w catiye
    w blh tanya2 soal cheers nda

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